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Mission A Guide to Perplexed

A Guide to Perplexed

The peace process has taken many turns, at times leading to optimism and at times causing great pessimism. Since September 2000 the Israeli and Palestinian peace camps have been crushed. More and more people have become apathetic, and have become resignedto the “fact” that there is no partner for peace.

I am no prophet. These writings arebased on hundreds of meetings with interesting people, starting with Presidents and Prime Ministers, and all the way through to zealots and terrorists.

It is natural for things to constantly change. What made sense yesterday does not necessarily make sense today; today’s reality is not the same as that of yesterday or of tomorrow; the changes are sometimes so rapid that by nightfall we cannot believe that this morning was actually only hours ago.

I am writing this Guide to the Perplexed not as a scholar nor as a wise man, but as a man of experience, experience that every year runs deeper and deeper than the 6 feet of the grave of my dear departed son Arik. If peace is not made, this brochure will become thicker and thicker as time goes by. While working on this project I tried to put myself in Palestinian shoes, because without understanding how the enemy thinks we can never make peace. Needless to say that I do not agree with many Palestinian attitudes, but it is nevertheless important to know what these attitudes are.

This Guide to the Perplexed is for those good people who are at a loss, who are no longer sure what is best for themselves and for the children – Israeli and Palestinian children alike. The issue of peace is tearing Israeli society apart. There is hardly a realm of life that is not impacted by this issue – and I have touched upon them all.

 This brochure is designed to promote tolerance between Israelis and Palestinians, and in order for us to finally reconcile and make peace.


Yitzhak Frankenthal