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Mission A Guide to Perplexed


Why, after so many years, there is still no peace?

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Spiderman and the Green Goblin

A polarized view of the world can lead to the demonization of individuals and groups. When we understand the cause and effects of this phenomenon, we can negate its impact.

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A BALLAD FOR A SON - To Arik from Dad

On commemoration of the Israeli Memorial Day, a father's personal testimony of grief.

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It’s time to remove your armor

The Conflict Mindset acts as a protective armor for our psyche which helps us handle stressful and upsetting situations. But when we seek to end the conflict, it can hinder and obstruct our attempts to reach reconciliation.

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Greetings to Obama

This message will be printed in the Jerusalem Post towards President's Obama visit in the region.

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The Palestinian hunger strikers- like Rashomon

The current unrest in the West Bank caused by the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners is a good example of a biased media coverage of an escalation between Israelis and Palestinians, leading to the formation of a limited point of view on both sides.

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Oops, I’ve got a knee-jerk reaction again

Knee-Jerk reactions are the result of your mind triggering reactions that once were necessary to your survival. Now new research suggests that you can prevent that reaction.

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Conflict Transformation - conflict as a force for change

Instead of viewing conflict as a negative phenomenon that only causes friction and disruption, an approach of conflict as an opportunity to change the relationship between the disputing sides can give hope for a successful resolution of conflict.

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Side by Side Project - weekly update

A comparative study of media coverage of both sides - Israeli and Palestinian. This week will deal with the attitudes towards the issue of Jerusalem, as seen in the coverage of Israeli building plans in Jerusalem.

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The meaning of “Loving thy neighbor as yourself”

Most people are aware that in order to maintain a well functioning society we need to pay attention to each other's needs. In order to avoid conflict and resolve existing conflicts, we need to take the same idea to the next level.

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Israel addicted to war

Israeli wars, military operations based on flawed belief that force can solve problem.

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Two states for two nations- a slogan or a necessity?

Is the two state solution still viable in light of operation "Pillar of Defense" and the rising power of the Hamas?

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The Institute's Vision:

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Goliath and David 2012

Yitzhak Frankenthal reveals the reason behind the lack of reason in a time of war in Gaza

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University students take on Israel’s national anthem

Should Palestinian citizens of Israel sing the country’s national anthem? Two students from the University of Haifa, Khalil Mari and Sheerlie Ryngler, propose a solution to this difficult question

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Israeli and Palestinian go from enemies to brothers

Israeli filmmaker Shelley Hermon chronicles the unbelievable story of a Palestinian and an Israeli who were able to reconcile in her film Within the Eye of the Storm. But, she asks, will it make a difference?

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A Sheep Without a Shepherd

Dan Bar-On, Ben Gurion University and PRIME (Peace Research Institute in the Middle East)

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Weariness and Hope

As the weariness grows so will the readiness for reconciliation and mutual agreement, and until then, destruction, oppression and suffering will reign supreme.

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Children and Violent Conflict

Disturbing findings from a study of Palestinian children‘s dreams in the second Intifada.

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Perceptual- Cognitive Barriers in the Palestinian Israeli Conflict

Perceptual- Cognitive Barriers in the Palestinian Israeli Conflict from the articles by Yefaat Meouz

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Two boys film

A short inspiring film about friendship that transcends barriers.

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Alien Invasion

I'm waiting on aliens this summer for PEACE of mind

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Side By Side - The Palestinians have learnt pioneering from the Settlers

"Bab El Shams" outpost in the E1 area in the Holy-land, present a new step in Palestinian non-violent struggle. This Article present the conflicting discourse in the Israeli and Palestinian media regarding the event.

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Arik Institute for Reconciliation, Tolerance & Peace

We, at the Arik Institute, believe that 'Peace' is a matter of choice; not a dusty banner. Read more about what makes us tick..

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