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1982 Lebanon War/First Lebanon War

by WikiPeace editor  21.01.2013 In June 1982 Israel invaded Lebanon ("Operation Peace for Galilee"). Targeting PLO camps in Lebanon, from which Israeli civilians had been attacked, Israel during the first stages of the war reached Beirut and besieged it. Later Israel withdrew to South Lebanon, which remained occupied until May 2000.  The war destroyed the PLO infrastructure in Lebanon, causing its leaders to escape to Tunis. Israel set up the South Lebanon Army which was composed of Druze, Christian and Shiite Lebenese in order to asist it in keeping the peace. Opposing the IDF and the SLA , the Shiite Hezbollah orginisation was set up. The war ended within three years with between 5,000-8,000 Lebenese casualties (with differing approximations of how many of them were civilians and how many were militants) and about 1217 Israeli soldiers. 


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