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Greetings to Obama

by Yitzhak Frankenthal   17.03.2013

I hope your visit to Israel will be enjoyable and assist the  advancement of a long term friendship between our nations.

 Most of Israeli and Palestinian public desires peace,


peace is conditioned on our ability to break down  psychological barriers on both sides.

 Since I lost my son, my lifetime project is in persuading  others that it’s possible to overcome their barriers.  I have established and led a group of over 500 Israeli and  Palestinian bereaved families who support reconciliation and peace.

If they have reconciled, so can everyone. 

You hold the key to renewed hope for peace. 

Yitzhak Frankenthal- Arik’s father who fell in combat with the Hamas 

as an I.D.F. soldier when he was only 19 years old.  


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1 by biton
I hope so too but will not hold my breath
2 by Yitzhak
Obama said he is coming to listen and not present a new peace initiative. If states that upfront, why do you think he cares about holding the key for peace?
3 by Orna
If anyone can do it, if anyone has the power, is this man. I hope, for the sake of us all, that he will do it
4 by Shosh
Obama... what a dissapointment. He is weak and wishes to satisfy everyone which leads to more disspointment of him. Better not rely on him too much