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Mission A Guide to Perplexed

Two boys film

by Fund for Peace, Tolerance and Reoncillia  17.03.2013
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1 by realexpo
Thank you for sharing this film like our exhibition Making Peace is and always will provoke a great deal of emotion so long as people not just children are willing to communicate with each other and not close the door to negotiations..peace cannot exist with dialogue and war conflict is never a solution. Well done again. I would love to know did the animation and how we might work together
2 by Sheila
Pray for the peace of Israel
3 by Jey
Inchallah this will happen in some lifetime..
4 by Manelis
A bit Utopian, but a beautiful vision of the future.
5 by Eli
The scene with the kids is supposed to be in the future when the war is over and peace has prevailed. I dream of a day when Israeli's and Palestinians live together as one people; world citizens in a United States of Earth.
6 by Shedzy
Excellent film - brought a tear to my eye. If enough good people on both sides - and i can only believe that there are enough good people on both sides - can take this on board, and DO SOMETHING to bring about an end to the violence on both sides - IF - and only IF - then perhaps peace has a chance. All it takes is for good people to do nothing, and the situation is incredibly unlikely to change.
7 by Mohd
Totally loved this piece Getting to know Ayn Rand better, but its only a drop of that ocean which I would like to xeinperce..if I get time.For such a young person, your thoughts are very objective, if I may use the word. Even after such a long innings in the game of life, people like me are only half aware of such philosophy. Gr8 going Priya .Keep it up Waiting for THAT part II.