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Why is it acceptable that we uproot settlers – or in other words make a popula

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  23.06.2013 Ostensibly, a peace agreement can be signed whereby settlers continue living in the places they live now under Palestinian sovereignty.  The Palestinians have already consented to this plan.  But in fact no Israeli, except maybe zealous extremists, will agree to live under Palestinian rule. Such extremists are sure to sow hatred and hostility, which would lead to further armed conflicts between us and the Palestinians.
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1 by Batya
Moving people from their homes is horrible. I cried with the settlers that were evicted from Gaza, but I do believe that every people deserve self determination and an independent state. Why should we continue to keep another nation in enclaves that are like prisons. Where's the humanity in that? Most Settlers will stay in their homes and those who will not, will receive compensation. I think this is just considering the alternative.
2 by Moshe
We uprooted people from Gaza and what did it give but Hamas on the border and more rockets? Why should we do the same in the West Bank?
3 by Sigal
The disengagement in 2005 was the right thing to do. The Settlers there were pain in the Palestinian ass, and were not suppose to be living there to begin with. They were put there to prove a political point, and that is unfair for both the Settlers and the Palestinians. The only reason the situation deteriorated is because Israel did it unilaterally. If it would have been done together with the PA and in stages and while creating and building governmental institutions in Gaza, than today's reality would have looked differently. When Israel disengaged, it put Gaza under siege, the economic and social situation went from bad to worse, what would you expect to happen?