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How can we make peace with the Palestinians?

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  23.06.2013 My answer is based on talks with Israeli and Palestinians leaders:


Israel will recognize the 1967 borders, subject to an exchange of 5% of the land in the West Bank – those areas in which more than 75% of the settlers reside. Instead of these settlement blocs, which Israel will annex, the Palestinians will receive an area of the same size elsewhere.

Israel will acknowledge the pain and suffering of the Palestinian refugees without assuming responsibility, will agree to absorb 100,000 refugees over a 10-year period, and will set-up a fund to compensate those refugees who do not return to Israeli territory.

In Jerusalem, the Palestinians will have sovereignty over all of the Arab neighborhoods in the eastern part of the city. The Western Wall, the Jewish Quarter and part of the Armenian Quarter will be under Israeli control. Temple Mount, not including the Western Wall, will be in Palestinian hands.

Acts of reconciliation between the two nations will be performed, including the release of all Palestinian and Israeli prisoners who were operating out of a sense of calling. International guarantees will be provided, including safeguarding of the international border crossings; The Israel Defense Forces will be deployed in key alert stations, and the Palestinian State will be demilitarized.



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