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We give to the Palestinians. Why are they not willing to accept what we give the

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  23.06.2013 We “give” nothing. It is condescending to talk along these lines in the first place. If we genuinely want to talk with the Palestinians in a dignified manner, we must stop looking down on them. The Palestinians have a right to live in their land. They should not be made to feel as though we are doing them favors or “giving” them anything.

They have the right to self-determination as a nation and as a state. As far as they’re concerned, they have already made the ultimate concession when they agreed to suffice with only 22% of the land that was governed by the British before Israel was founded. Historically, our claim to the entire Land of Israel is absolutely justifiable, but the way the Palestinians see it is that there was hardly any Jewish population in this country for 2000 years. When the Zionist movement started bringing Jews here on aliya, there were only 25,000 Jews living here compared to 500,000 Arabs.


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1 by Nathan
Even if some lands were occupied by Arabs before the Jewish state was established the fact is that Israel won those lands in wars. It's not like this is the first example in History. Land exchanged hands in Europe, the US, Austrialia and many other places... Therefore the land is Israel's to give no matter how you look at it!