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We saw how brutally the two Israeli soldiers were lynched in Ramallah. Can we ma

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 The lynching and the people who did it represent the basic of human instincts. We must not forget that in trying times mobs also went rampant in Israel, and it was only luck that saved the lives of the Palestinians victims. A Palestinian was attacked by a mob in Jerusalem and was saved by Ms. Freund, an ultra-Orthodox woman who lives in the city, who literally lay on top of him. She was injured herself, but saved his life. And there was the mob attack in Netanya, minutes after a bomb exploded there. It was truly divine intervention that saved the Palestinian who was attacked there from death. We all have a dark side. The question is what makes a person lose sight of right and wrong and unleashes these base instincts.
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1 by Shlomi
All of the naysayers should remember that peace is made with enemies, not friends. And as long as the conflict remains, these types of atrocities will continue to happen, on both sides. If positive acts were part of conflicts then there would have been no reason for peace.