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Why doesn't Abu-Mazen, and Araft before him, condemn terrorist activities even w

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 A day after the appalling suicide bombing at the club in Tel Aviv which killed twenty 15 to 20 year old boys and girls, we spoke with a senior official in the Palestinian Authority and asked him what he thought of the bombing.

“And what do you think of the 150 children under the age of 15 that you have killed, not to mention the other 600 dead and the 20,000 Palestinians you have wounded in the short time since September 2000”, he retorted. “How can you expect me to feel sorry for you ?” 

In one of the conversations that we had, I asked him why Arafat never condemns terrorist activities and especially those in which children are killed.  He answered: “How can Arafat condemn the killing of Israeli children when you Israelis keep killing ours?”


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1 by Lorraine
That is not an answer... because you don't condemn, we will not as well... What is this, a children's game... Wait, I guess that is exactly it!
2 by Marley
They don't condemn because they support it not because the Israelis don't