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How can peace be possible as long as the Palestinians teach their children to ha

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 Once there is peace the Palestinians will want to live peacefully alongside us and will educate their children to have good neighborly relations with us. At this point they have no incentive to do so.
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1 by Meital
Your answer is a bit "la-la land"ish. What I mean is that these children being taught how to hate Israelis today (when there isn't peace) will not stop hating once there is peace. These kids will teach their kids because that is the only thing they know. The hate will be too deeply rooted in their minds for them to do a 180' once a peace agreement is signed.
2 by Shirly
I hope to god you are right. I think it won't happen the second a peace agreement is signed but it would need great efforts by the Israeli government and hopefully by the PA as well in order to change people's perspectives regarding each other