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We hear Palestinian parents praising their children for having performed suicide

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 It is very hard to understand a parent who is happy that his or her child killed himself for the homeland. We apologize in advance if what we say next offends anyone, and would like to hedge the comparison and say that there is no one-to-one correlation between the cases.

Unfortunately, in Israel’s 65 years of independence, more than 23,000 soldiers have been killed in our wars. About the same number of people have been killed in road accidents. The pain felt by the families is the same, but there is nevertheless a difference between what a parent whose child was killed in a car accident feels and what a parent whose child died in the army feels. By the same token, these Palestinian parents feel that their children died for the homeland.

We are so appalled by the consequences of the terrorists’ actions, that it is hard for us as the injured party to see this objectively. But in order to illustrate my point, think of how we Israelis feel about the pilot who dropped a bomb, killing Palestinian women and children. Do we not think of him as a soldier and a hero? And how, on the other hand, do the Palestinians see the same pilot? As a terrorist!

We must realize once and for all that terrorism can be stopped – through peace. When we have peace our pilots will not be dropping any more bombs and the Palestinian fighters will not be using terrorism against us.


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1 by Maayan
This is a horrible comparison that you have made. I don't think any bereaved parent that lost their child in war feels better then a bereaved parent that lost their child in a car accident!!
2 by Miriam
The Palestinian parent may feel proud they child died for the homeland but they also feel happy they have taken as many Israelis (women, men and children) with him. That's the difference - Israel does its best to prevent the killing of innocents and Israelis feel bad when a Palestinian child is killed.
3 by Yitzhak Frankenthal
Maayan, you're right, and I wrote that in my answer - "The pain felt by the families is the same" - but you cannot deny there is sense of pride when someone dies for the homeland, otherwise we would have not glorified Joseph Trumpeldor's dying words "it is good to die for our country".