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What role does the U.S. play in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 The American objective is to prevent a war in this region, since there is no telling how such a war would escalate. The U.S. interest in the region is twofold: America wants to prevent oil prices from going up and sees Israel as an ally. Here too there is a problem, because the Palestinians think the Americans are not totally impartial as peace brokers. They feel that the U.S. leans toward Israel,  although this is clearly not the case. The Americans do their best to remain objective, and have often applied pressure on Israel to change its stance.
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1 by Sam
I think if the US would have really been objective in this conflict, them it would have applied great pressure on both sides to finish this endless conflict.
2 by Amiram
The US has the ability to end the Israeli-Palestinian battle, I think that the different Presidents who tried didn't try hard enough probably because they are scared. Scared of the Jewish lobby in the US, scared of losing a hold in the ME, scared of getting involved in another war...
3 by James
I believe that if the US and the EU and all other outside forces never have gotten involved in this conflict, it would have ended by now. The Americans and the others made both sides climb a high tree they are incapable to get off from now.