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Mission A Guide to Perplexed

“The time is not ripe to make peace” , they say. Is that true?

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 More than ever – we can and must make peace now. How will the ground be more suitable for peace after more people on both sides are killed? We need peace to prevent more and more casualties.

As of now, the peace camp has crumbled. There were those who thought it would be happily-ever-after with the Palestinians, and now that they realize that what we’re going to have is not a marriage but a divorce, they are having a rude awakening. Divorces are never simple. No interim agreement can hold water; no unilateral separation can stop hostilities. The only answer is the foundation of a Palestinian State. To be able to make peace, Israelis and Palestinians must be told the truth – as it is told in this Guide to the Perplexed.


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1 by Dana
Absolutely right! It is always time for peace. Stop the unnecessary death and create something together
2 by Ruchama
Yes! It is time to make peace!!!