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Mission A Guide to Perplexed

The settlers have children and grandchildren who were born in the Territories, d

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  26.06.2013 We have certainly created a problem for ourselves, but just like with any other  injustice that is not nipped in the bud, this injustice has grown to enormous proportions. The tragic situation of our settlers stems from that of the Palestinians. But this interdependence also affords us a better understanding of the Palestinians problem. The stronger the sense of ownership that the settlers’ children feel, the better they should understand the pain of the Palestinian children. Both were dragged involuntarily into this distorted situation – all the more reason why they should have empathy for each other. In reality, however, people do not usually see themselves as they really are, nor do they realize the similarity between their predicament and that of those who they see as their foes. This is why we need a compromise that would not require us to evacuate most of the settlers and instead would provide territorial contiguity that would make them an integral part of the State of Israel.
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1 by Sidel
You're asking for the impossible - people are incapable of seeing their suffering representing in someone else. When someone suffers they feel like they are the only ones. Therefore, your desire for them to feel empathy for the other is understandable and logical but it will not happen. Both are being thought they are the only ones suffering and that the other side is the cause of their suffering, thus mutual empathy will not happen.
2 by Oren
It would have solved everything if both sides could see the other's suffering!