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Israel's leaders have been claiming for years that we want peace, yet the other

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  04.07.2013 From my personal acquaintance with Israel's leaders including Peres and Barak, I know that the one who doesn't want peace is Israel. To my regret, land matters more than humans. In Israel we consecrate the dead and degrade the living. 

The Israeli leaders considerations are motivated by pleasing the settlers' wishes. There is a deep fear within the Israeli leadership of confronting the settlers. The reality today is, that a handful of settlers – around 100,000 extremists (only ten thousand men!) are dictating the agenda regarding peace. It should be mentioned that most of the settlers are a public composed of the highest quality, and they will accept the government's decisions, despite their great pain.

The problem isn't with the Palestinians, but with Israel and its leaders.   


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