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Referendum- a clever move or a correct one

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  29.07.2013  

Those that claim they were chosen as representatives of the people in the Knesset/Government and there’s no need of a referendum- are correct.

Those that want a referendum for a crucial decision making that could tear the people into two- are clever. 

An honest leader tells the truth before the elections, and is either chosen or not. 

A dishonest leader lies to his electorate, is chosen, and works against his electorate’s wishes. 

Therefore it makes sense, that a dishonest leader would want a referendum, in order to thwart his own fraudulent accomplishments. 

Against their own will, the objectors for the referendum none the less have voted in favor because their crooked leaders have given them no choice. 

The moral ones will act in full force to prepare the people for the referendum, in order to explain well to people between the morality of freedom and peace, and between the moral freedom and the continuation of the occupation. 

I want peace and will fight for peace, but am not willing such a decision to be dependent on the smallest tip of scales of a democratic vote. 

I believe in the morality of the Israeli people, that has become warped with the advancement of the “Greater Israel” ideology, 

I believe the people watches today its political and religious-political leaders and is fed up with them. 

I believe the people see the disgrace, the gap between the vision and mirage. 

I believe that a Jew’s utmost responsibility is to keep the commandments observed between man and his friend and respecting human rights.

Indeed there are many Jews who regrettably trample on the most basic human morality in the name of Judaism 

Of them it was said by the sages: “Naval Bershut Hatorah” –a “degenerate within the confines of the Torah” – (one such as Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu). 


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