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Tapes reveal possible misconduct on Gaza battlefield by the IDF

by Peace We Can  16.01.2015 The site YNet has obtained exclusive tapes recording the events of August 1st ("Black Friday")that took place last summer in Gaza. The tapes record the events that led to the capture and death of soldier Sec.-Lt Hadar Goldin by the Hamas while fighting in Gaza, which are currently under investigation by the IDF. They include audio clips from the IDF's communication system used by the Givati Company operating on the battlefield. The clips prove that the problematic "Hannibal Directive" was implemented during the incident, a highly problematic directive that allows the killing of a soldier by friendly fire so as to avoid his capture by hostile forces. They also reveal that possibly the army executed an unnecessary artillery shelling of urban targets in Gaza, causing the deaths of civilians.

Following the exposure of the tapes, a fierce debate was sparked in Israel regarding what the directive really means, whether the shelling was necessary, and the validity of second-guessing decisions made in the heat of the battle. As a result of this the Attorney General published a clarification that the Hannibal Directive forbids killing a kidnapped soldier, which contradicts what some soldiers said they heard on the ground.

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