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Hate crime perpetuated against Arab residents of a Jerusalem neighborhood

by Peace We Can  18.01.2015

For the second time since August 2013, "Price Tag" activists slashed tires of eleven cars and spray painted a racist slogan on one of them. The cars belong to residents of Beit Safafa, an Arab village incorporated within Jerusalem. The neighborhood's residents, some who have Israeli citizenship, have a good relationship with their Jewish neighbors, and the neighborhood is not commonly perceived  as part of the continuum of East Jerusalem since its located on the border of southwest Jerusalem , adjacent to the Bilingual Arab-Jewish Max Rayne Hand in Hand School that was recently vandalized too. 


Another Palestinian community under threat belongs to the Bedouin of the Kaabneh tribe who reside in the Jordan Valley. The tribe, that's composed off seventy members, over a third of them children, have recently replaced its tents and shacks in favor of prefabricated structures. This probably lead to the issuing of an evacuation order from the Israeli government for trespassing on state land (which belongs to the settlement Mitzpe Yericho), despite occupying the area for the last thirty years. 

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