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Druze student attacked in Jerusalem for speaking Arabic

by Peace We Can  25.01.2015 Tommy Hasson, a twenty one year old student of the Jerusalem Music Academy, was attacked by ten men in the Jerusalem central Bus Station, some of them wearing skullcaps. The assault took place on Thursday, when Hasson, originally from Dalyat el-Karmel in the north, was returning home from work at a hotel near the Central Bus Station and became the target of a hate crime just because he was overheard speaking Arabic to another man. 

President Rivlin called Hasson's father personally to show his support. Rivlin has previously met Hasson during his service in the IDF, since he served at the Military Secretary's office of the President's residence, a service which Hasson has completed only three months ago.'I couldn't believe my own ears"wrote the President on his Facebook Page "We reject any such terrible and horrible behaviour". Hasson's family members expressed their sorrow and outrage that such a thing could happen, considering that Druze policemen and soldiers have died while protecting Jewish lives. 


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