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Conscientious objectors reservists that belong to 8200 Unit dismissed from IDF

by Peace We Can  27.01.2015 The previous September 43 IDF reservists came out publicly in a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu about their refusal to serve. They have previously served in one of the most prestigious army unit, the 8200 unit of the Intelligence Corps, well known for its contribution to the Israeli hi-tech community. The reservists explained in their letter that as part of their duties they contribute to the ongoing oppression of the Palestinian people, in case such as the use of intelligence collected by them of Palestinians in order to blackmail them into collaborating with the Israeli security services. "The intelligence that is gathered [in the West Bank] harms innocent people and is used for the purposes of political persecution and violating the privacy of Palestinians" the letter quotes. 

The result of publishing this letter has led the unit's commander has to dismiss from its service all of the letter's signatories, claiming the refusing reservists are making a mistake, and claimed that such complaints of misconduct should be brought privately before the reservists superior officers, not before the press.  The IDF spokesman explained in his statement regarding the decision that refusal will not be tolerated, and denied the accusations of unethical practices


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