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Fourteen year old Palestinian girl sentenced by Israel for two months in prison

by Peace We Can  29.01.2015 Malak al-Khatib, a fourteen year old girl from Betin in the West Bank, has been jailed for throwing stones at passing cars and carrying a knife.She has already served a month out of this sentence in detention, and has also been sentenced to pay a fine of 1,500 NIS. She is supposed to serve the remainder of her sentence in a women's prison.

Her case has generated much intrest from the media, since the imprisonment of women, and even more so underage girls, is rare. Her story has gone viral on Arabic speaking social media, promoted by memes and hashtags. It has also raised international consciousness to the issue of the imprisonment of Palestinian minors, an issue that in the past has raised concern from human rights organization. Sarit Michaeli from Bet'zelem organization explains that Palestinian children are treated much harshly in comparison to Israel children since they are subject to a separate system of martial law. According to her, Israeli children are protected by the civil law and would not be subjected to detention for such a period of time at that age.  




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