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Kahane follower runs for Knesset with Eli Yishayi's party

by Peace We Can  01.02.2015 An alarming development in the Israeli elections took place this weekend, after the Kahenist party "Otzma Yehudit" (" Jewish strength ") has joined forces with Shas splinter party "Yachad"(together). Yachad is headed by Eli Yishai, Shas' former chairmen, who left the party after Areye Deri has taken his place. Yishai is known for his hardline right-wing views, compared to the willingness Deri has shown in the past to join a center-left coalition. Yishayi has placed Baruch Marzel, a well known follower of Rabbi Meir Kehana, in the fourth slot of his party. Marzel, a resident of Hebron, and Kach's former spokesman, was in the past suspected of sending death threats to Yariv Oppnehiemer, Pace Now's chairman. Following the unification, an important rabbi from the ultra-orthodox community, Rabbi Tzvi Tau, has distanced himself from Yachad, and has issued a clarification that he does not support them.

Past polls have shown that Yachad would not pass the threshold necessary to join the Knesset of 3.5%. In the last election Otzma Yehudit ran for Knesset yet didn't get in. There is a chance that running together will enable the joint party Yachad- Otzma Yehudit to get in the Knesset, with four seats, making Marzel an MK. 

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