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Congress members argue for cutting financial support to the PA

by Peace We Can  03.02.2015

75 senators have sent Kerry a letter demanding to veto any unilateral attempt of the PA to establish statehood. The letter also demands to stop the financial aid to the PA in view of the PA's recent activity in the UN's Security Council and its International Criminal Court, a demand that will be retracted should the PA stops its actions against Israel. As well as that, a similar demand regarding the financial aid was issued by leaders of the House Foreign Affairs Committee leaders belonging to both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.


As well as the letter, The House Foreign Affairs Committee's Middle East panel is going to hold a hearing this week on Feb 4th intended to discredit the PA's commitment to peace, calling up witnesses such as  David Makovsky, the  director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy Project on the Middle East Peace Process, and experts from various pro-Israel think tanks.



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