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IDF stops initiative to minimize nighttime arrests of children

by Peace We Can  04.02.2015 As mentioned here before, the IDF is subject to much criticism from both local and international NGO's and political authorities for its treatment of Palestinian minors.  In an attempt to exercise damage control, the IDF, the IDF announced exactly a year ago on a new pilot plan to reduce arrests of Palestinian minors during nighttime raids, which can be very frightening for them and their families. Yet despite the announcement, during that period of time that supposedly this program was implemented there was only a 5% percent reduction in nighttime arrests, and two thirds of the arrests of minors took place past midnight. Now, the IDF isn't even pretending to try and stop arresting children during the night, and it has officially called it off, without intention of resuming it. Yet again, this is an example of a PR spin whose sole purpose is to quieten letgmate concerns raised by child welfare and human rights activists.  



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