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Palestinians appeal to Pope: stop separation barrier near monastery and convent

by Peace We Can  08.02.2015

The Separation Barrier that Israel is planning to build in the Bethlehem region, passing through a valley between the village of Beit Jalla and the Jewish Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, is going to cut off the grounds of the Cremisan Monastery and the Silesian Sisters Convent from the Palestinian village, including the school village attended by 450 children.Recently twenty two representatives of different EU states have met there in protest of the negative impact the barrier will have on the local Palestinian life. Since after the building of the barrier the monastery and convent will be on the Israeli side, while the children will live on the Palestinian side, they will have to close the school. The barrier will also cut the city of Bethlehem off its last green zone, which many use as a picnicking and strolling area.

The three mayors of Bethlehem, Beit Jalla an Beit Sahor, who will be affected by the barrier intend to meet Pope Francis and petition him to use his influence on the Israeli government an keep the monastery and convent in Palestinian territory, where they can continue to impart the religious and educational services to the people who need and use them.




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