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Three years sentence to outpost settler convicted for "price tag" arson

by Peace We Can  09.02.2015

Sending a message of low tolerance to hate crimes, the Israeli court has recently indicted three settlers from the illegal outpost "Gilad Farm" in Samaria for the torching and vandalizing Palestinian property, known as "price tag" attacks. One of them, Binyamin Richter, was sentenced for what so far is the longest term served for such a crime, three years' incarceration, twelve months' probation and a fine of 15,000 shekels compensation to the owners of the property he damaged. The two other settlers entered a plea bargain after they were willing to incriminate their co-conspirator Richter, and were sentenced thirty months each earlier.

Gilad Farm is well known to be connected to kehanist organizations since it was founded by a member of the Jewish Resistance, Moshe Zer who served three years in prison for his involvement in the assassination of Palestinian mayors. Its residents have been involved repeatedly in violent acts towards both Palestinians and Israeli security forces. The attack the three settlers were convicted of, torching two cars and spraying racist graffiti in the village of Farata, was only one of many attacks Gilad Farm residents perpetrated against that village, including burning their olive crops. Richter and Landsberger, one of the other two settlers convicted, have been convicted in the past of commitng violent crimes toward Palestinians.   

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