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Palestinians initiate boycott on five large Israeli food manufacturers

by Peace We Can  11.02.2015 In response to the freezing of the Palestinian's tax funds, the PA has initiated a boycott that will start from today, the 11th of February, on food and drink products manufactured by five Israeli conglomerates; Strauss, Elite (which is part of the Strauss Group Ltd), Tnuva, Jafora-Tabori, Osem and Prigat. Those companies control a large portion of the Israeli market of dairy products, meat products (both frozen, processed and fresh), eggs, juices and soft drinks, wheat based products (snacks, crackers, pasta, cakes and cookies) and sweets. 

The commission set up by the PA to implement this decision has allotted two weeks for the Palestinian merchants to get rid of existing wares, after which they will send inspectors to enforce the boycott across the West Bank.  According to data from a 2012 research paper of the Bank of Israel,  estimated that Israeli export of foodstuffs to the PA amounts to about  3.363 billion NIS a year, and another 1.189 billion NIS on beverages and tobacco. Therefore, it is hard to estimate whether such a boycott is applicable in the immediate future. 


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