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Pres. Rivlin launches project to integrate Israeli Arabs into private sector

by Peace We Can  12.02.2015

President Rueven Rivilin is working to challenge prejudice towards Israel's Arab minority, and he has recently shown that his words are also backed by actions. Faced with statistics that show that Arabs are clearly underrepresented as employees in the private sector - number only 5% of the workers while they compose 20% of the population- it is obvious that some kind of affirmative action is needed to rectify this. Rivlin has announced this week on collaboration with "Collective Impact", a group of Arab entrepreneurs, consulted by Shaldor, an Israeli strategic consulting, intended to ease the way of Arabs into integrating with the Israeli private sector.


At the convention he held.” In his words he addressed the problem that the two communities have grown apart, and that most Jews do not have Arab acquaintances or coworkers. "A huge gap has grown over the years between two societies that live next to each other and with each other, and yet are blind to each other," Rivlin said. "We must admit the painful truth that for the majority of Jewish-Israelis, the Arab public occupies a blind spot.” he stressed in his words the need to create a society with equal opportunities to all, and his commitment to the success of the project . “The task of building bridges and forging a sense of partnership between Jews and Arabs is for me a human, Jewish and Zionist task of the first order.

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