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Zouabi and Marzel banned from running to the Knesset

by Peace We Can  13.02.2015

Despite the reservations expressed by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein about banning the Arab MK Hanin Zoubi and Kahane follower Baruch Marzel from participating in the elections, the General Elections Committee has voted to do so.  Both Zoubi and Marzel are considered controversial – Zoubi, an MK of Balad, has sailed during 2010 on the Turkish flotilla of the Mavi Mara, an act which caused politicians such as Sharon Gal of Yisrael Beyteinu to accuse her of collaborating with terrorists, though at the time no criminal charges were made against her. On the other hand, Marzel is one of Meir Kahane's oldest followers, for an in-depth coverage about Marzel's past and the Yachad party read our article on the subject on this site.  

Both Zoubi and Marel intend to appeal to the High Court against their disqualifications, claiming it has no legal basis since neither was convicted by court of law of terrorism. It is worth mentioning the fact that Kach, Kahne's organization is legally defined as a terrorist organization, and as an activist in it, Marzel was therefore considered a terrorist.   



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