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Likud and settlers of Sameria incite against left wing with video campaign

by Peace We Can  17.02.2015

The more offensive and controversial video of the two was produced by the Samaria Settler Committee and it targets Israeli NGO's such as The New Israel Fund and Betzelem. The video uses imagery and motifs from anti-Semitic propaganda, and is titled the same as a Nazi propaganda movie, "The Eternal Jew". It accuses those NGO's as collaborating with anti-Israeli Europeans in return for "millions of euros". The left wing voter appears in the form of a hook nosed Jew, who at the end of the video is hung from a tree. Peace Now organization has sent a letter to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein in response, demanding him to prosecute against the Committee for incitement to violence, as it is a governmentally funded body.


The Attorney General received a similar complaint regarding the video produced by the Likud Party, addressed to him by the candidates of the Meretz party. The video portrays left wing voters as ISIS terrorists, and features the slogan "The Left will surrender to terrorism". In response to the Likud video Yuval Diskin, the Former Shin Beit director, said Netanyahu has no shame. The Likud video has not only provoked rebukes from Israeli citizens, but has also given cause for the Jordanian-Palestinian rap band whose music features on the soundtrack to sue. The Torabyeh group claims the usage of their music was unauthorized, and wrongfully implicates them with collaboration with the Islamic State. 

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