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Israel to connect to water the city of Ruwabi after almost a year's delay

by Peace We Can  19.02.2015

Ruwabi is the first planned Palestinian city to be built since 1967, the pride and joy of developer Bashar Masri, an American-Palestinian multi-millionaire. Located only ten kilometers from Ramallah, the city is catered to attract well-to-do Palestinian yuppies searching for building standards and green spaces that until now were mostly available to the Jewish settlers nearby. The building of the city was completed by 2014, with over 650 families who bought apartments in the project, yet it cannot be populated until it has been connected to the water infrastructure Israel controls. Yet it took a year of negotiations with the Israeli authorities to enable what is basically a fundamental right, involving Middle East envoy Tony Blair and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon. The delay has caused some buyers to lose faith in the project, and they have pulled out of it. 

Recently it has been published on Bloomberg.com that finally the Israeli military government has approved the request to connect to the water pipe, and also the Ruwabi project Facebook page claims that this is true. Yet it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen soon, and it is still unknown when the residents can move in. 

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