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Poll indicates Israelis concerned incitement may lead to political violence

by Peace We Can  20.02.2015

A recent poll that Peace Now organization has conducted indicates most Israelis are bothered by the hostile atmosphere that has evolved around the summer's events and the elections.  75% believe that the law enforcement agents are not doing enough to provide safety and stop incitement and political violence, both on social media and on the street. Almost half- 47% percent- believe the odds of another political murder will take place again have risen. In that context, it should be mentioned that two days ago gay rights activists were assaulted by Bennett's Bayit Yehudi supporters when they tried to protest against the party's homophobic stance. Paradoxically, Bennett tried to blame their assault on violence the left causes.  


Regarding Netanyahu's policy on the matter of political violence, the poll's respondents are divided into around a third who believe he does neither to stop or to promote it, and a third who believe the Prime Minister takes an active part in the incitement. 22% who believe Netnyhu does the opposite and acts to curb the violence. Most of the respondents have more faith in President Rivlin's abilities to combat intolerance- 59% believe he does so, and only 10% accuse him of incitement. The poll was conducted to mark 32 years since the murder of Emil Grunzweig, a peace activist killed by the extremist right wing Yona Avrushmi, when Avrushmi threw a grenade into a Peace Now demonstration.

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