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Violence and vandalism return to Jerusalem and the West Bank

by Peace We Can  27.02.2015

During the past week different isolated violent incidents took place, that taken altogether may indicate another round of mutual violence. The first attack took place on Sunday near the old city of Jerusalem, when a Palestinian attempted to stab an ultra-orthodox man, an attempt that was thwarted by the security detail of Mayor Nir Barkat, who was on site. A second stabbing attempt by a Palestinian took place today (Thursday) at the Gush Etzion Junction, near Bethlehem, this attack of a soldier was stopped by other soldiers nearby.

At the same time Bethlehem region has attracted attacks from extremist right wing activists. A mosque in Ja'ba was torched and defaced with racist slogans, not for the first time.  A Palestinian was recently killed in the same region when an IDF force entered Dheishe refugee camp.   took place in various places. A Greek Orthodox seminary on Mount Zion was burnt and slogans against jesus in Hebrew were left behind. Slogans also defaced a wall in a construction site in the village of Urif, and two hundred olive tree saplings were uprooted in South Hebron, near the settlement of Sussya. The UN condemned the attack on the mosque of Ja'ba, while the PA Foreign Minister described the attacks as an onslaught against mosques and Islamic and Christian holy sites.


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