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Palestinian Distraction: Themselves.

by Doreen Said  16.07.2012
Last week the news of Mofaz meeting with Abbas created a lot of tension on the Palestinian side. It would have been expected that the tension would actually be between the Israelis and Palestinians; each would have their perspective on whether their leader should meet with the other side, on what grounds, why, and many other questions.
Instead, the tension was between Palestinian activists and the Palestinian police. Palestinians condemned Abbas for agreeing to meet him, and demanded that he be arrested and prosecuted for all the war crimes that he committed to the Palestinians. Things got out of hand; it took an unexpected turn when it created internal clashes among the people and the police. People forgot what they were protesting and started to fight amongst themselves. When I say people, my people, I do not mean Palestinian civilian vs. Palestinian Policeman. I mean an occupied nation, living in an occupied land.
Violence never forwarded the Palestinian cause, and if we pay close attention, the victories Palestinians have had lately have been through nonviolent resistance:  The hunger strikes. Instead of taking out our frustration and despair on one another, and instead of creating more fractions and problems between ourselves, we should focus those energies where they should be: resistance!
Now if we look back at everything that happened, no one is talking about the Abbas- Mofaz meeting, or even the police’s misconduct. It is all now about Yasser Arafat’s cause of death. Great. More inner problems. More finger pointing. More blaming. Yay.
Will distractions help our nation move forward?
Just a thought.
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1 by Susan W
Very true. Instead of fighting among themselves they should start fighting for peace.
2 by Kfir
Susan, fighting for peace. Isn't it a contrudictory statement?
3 by Sharon
Doreen it's a wonderful thought and also a true one. If the Palestinians want to acomplish anything, whether the end of the occupation or creating a successful indipendant state, they should work together and stop fighting amongst themselves. Fighting with each other only distructs them, and the world, from their ultimate goal and moves them away from it.
4 by Tzvi
Excellent. let them fight with each other and leave Israel alone.
5 by Joyce Sherman
And how exactly do they wish to run a state when they don't agree with each other? Palestine will be a failed state and Israel will have to support it which will lead once again to the exusations that Israel is occupying the Palestinians... First figure out your troubles and then ask to be recognize as an indipendant state.
6 by Bobby Brown
Palestinians are like a headless chicken... Running without knowing where... I think that the only way to establish a Palestinian state, which is in the bet interest of both Israel and the Palestinians, is to first agree about their own plans for the Palestinian state and then sit with the Israeli and build it together. Palestine will not work without the assistance and the agreement of Israel. The sooner they will realize it the soon peace will come and a Palestinian state will be established