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Alien Invasion

by Doreen Said  16.07.2012


 I am sick and tired of thinking about this. Every day I read about the Palestinian Israeli conflict, and my stress levels and frustration increase. Not that I am not living it, but seeing it written in a newspaper gives it some kind of voice which you do not hear living in the conflict. I am a firm believer of peace, and I believe that the only way that can happen is through compromises. Kind of like my relationship with my parents; we do not meet eye to eye on religious and social issues, but I respect them and do not offend them. In fact I am happy that they have spiritual comfort and believe they will not go to hell. I preserve my right to my own thoughts by preserving and respecting theirs. And we live in peace.


In the case of Israel Palestine, nothing has worked; outside/ 3rd party interventions, violent and nonviolent resistance, negotiations, wars, inner fractions, international wars… and much more. Why? Because we get carried away in all the details. There are so many minor and major details to every single cell in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. Each side likes to use these details in order to stall any progress. What do we need progress for? We’re fine where we are now. Everything is great, we profit from the conflict, get international attention, get away with everything…. What do we need a resolution for? The conflict has become our safe zone; we do not know any other place and we choose to fight in order to maintain it.


The only reasonable, logical, realistic, -completely makes sense to educated people- solution I see is if hell freezes over. Why the heck not? What other options do we have? 3rd intifada? WWIII? Alien invasion? I know I am not alone in this. Some of us are so helpless and frustrated we WANT hell to freeze over. Only when we become completely powerless and lose everything, then history becomes irrelevant, and we can start over reasonably, logically and realistically.


There is a sarcastic tone in my last sentence. Don’t know why.


Just a thought.





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1 by Nadine
I guess hell would freeze over before the resolution of this conflict
2 by Nina
Your sarcastic tone fits perfectly when speaking of this conflict
3 by Calvin Stein
Absolutely right - only when something dramatic will happen, like hell freezes over, there will be a chance for change. Until then the stalemate will continue because neither side has a reason to move towards change...
4 by Keren
I for one hope that nothing too dramatic will happen for us to realize something needs to change. But hey, that's just me
5 by Beth Jameson
Although it sounds weird and unlikely, people do get addicted to a situation, even a bad situation. When it comes to a point that that situation is all that they know it becomes their safe zone and normality. Therefore a new reality would require a dramatic change in something.