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Goliath and David 2012

by Yitzhak Frankenthal  20.11.2012 The reason behind the lack of reason:

If Hamas succeeds in overpowering Israel, there was reason behind them continuously shooting missiles at Israel.

If Israel succeeds in overpowering Hamas there was reason behind the assassination/murder of Hamas leaders and the attack of Gaza.

However, neither side has been successful.  In that case, what is the reason for shooting from both sides?

Once, 25 years ago, if an Israeli met with the leader of Fatah, they were thrown in Israeli prison.

Once, Fatah performed horrible acts of terrorism against Israel.  Nowadays, Fatah is a partner for peace with Israel in the Oslo agreement.

Nowadays, the president and head of the Israeli government, including Israeli citizens, meet with Fatah.

In 20-30 years, will we be asking ourselves why we didn’t talk with Hamas?

What is the reason behind this lack of reason?

Well, there is a reason for what is happening, and that reason is simply madness.

Hamas is not a homogenous organization; there are many within who are interested in peace with Israel, and within Hamas there is only a minority interested in the elimination of Israel.

How do I know that the majority want peace?

There are three solid reasons why most of Hamas wants peace with Israel.

1. Until 7 years ago Hamas included 5-6% of the Palestinian public, the rest were Fatah or unaffiliated.  Today 35% of the Palestinian public is part of Hamas, those 5-6% are still part of the minority.

2. Based on the conversations I have had with Hamas leadership, the majority of Hamas is interested in peace with Israel; however they, justly, do not believe in Israeli leadership.  They argue that since the Oslo accords in 1993, Palestinians have only lost and that Israel continues to build in the territories in order to rob the Palestinians and suppress the occupied Palestinian public.  Hamas’ goal is to not surrender to Israel, and then to start negotiations to establish a Palestinian state.

3. Look at how many anti-Hamas organizations were founded in the last year or two, the reason is that in their opinion Hamas isn’t fighting in Israel as they think they should.

The Israeli government wants peace, truly and completely, however the desire for peace from the Israeli’s includes keeping settlements in the occupied territories and only partial-autonomy for the Palestinians—who are considered third class citizens, similar to a 2012 version of the South African apartheid.

This is not an acceptable peace for the Palestinians—it is the Palestinians surrendering to the demands of Israel.

The Israeli government is made up of a coalition of right wing parties, parties that see the whole land of Israel—including the occupied territories—as part of the Jewish state.  These parties are supported by most of the Israeli public.

Doesn’t the Israeli public understand that this approach pushes the Palestinians—pushes Hamas—to resist and fight against Israel?

Of course the public understands; the public believes that it is Israel’s responsibility to fight against terrorist organizations.

The Israeli public is afraid of peace with the Palestinians.  The public does not believe in peace, they see in the Palestinians the revival of the Nazi’s, the modern Amalek, the biblical demonic enemy of the Jewish people.

This kind of public gives voting power to a right wing government.

The Israeli public doesn’t see that we have created an occupation, doesn’t see that we have a conflict with the Palestinians.  “They have 22 Arab countries that they can go live in,” that is the argument of the majority of right wing Israelis.

It is important to note that yes, there has never been a Palestinian state, and that yes, Palestinians performed suicide missions against innocent Israeli citizens, that yes, Palestinians have been firing rockets, day and night, at the Israeli population of over a million citizens.

Yes, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip 6 years ago, making Gaza a huge prison, unable to get out via the sea to the west, Egypt to the south or Israel to the north. The Gaza Strip has become a prison for over 1.7 million Palestinians.  Is it any wonder that they are fighting against Israel?

That is the reason behind the lack of reason.

And now we have to ask the question: what do we do?

Most importantly, we need direct talks with Hamas leadership, it is extremely important that Hamas and Fatah work together, it is important to include Egypt—the Muslim Brotherhood—in serious peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians.

Can the leaders do it?

Unfortunately, maybe only after another thousand people are killed on both sides.

Then maybe we can convince the Israeli public that there is a conflict, that there is no reason to be afraid of peace, that this will be a true peace, that the Arab world is interested in peace with Israel, and that the Palestinians are fighting because they have no choice and not because they don’t value life.

Will we succeed?

And maybe, maybe there is another possibility that must be put into action in two steps.

The first step is to annex Gaza to Egypt and over a span of 25 years give the Egyptian government 3 billion dollars a year for Gaza—a half billion from Israel, and 2,5  billion from the United States, Japan and Europe.  

The second step is to make peace with the West Bank and to support the establishment of a Palestinian state in the occupied territory.  

Is this possibility realistic??? 



*Yitzhak Frankenthal is the father of Arieh Zvi -Arik Frankenthal, who died in battle with Hamas because there is no peace

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1 by Greg
The reason being both sides believing their way will eventually lead for their succeeding in defeating the other.
2 by Will
Fatah is no partner for peace, they may not be the ones who attack us with violence but they definitely support those who do. When Abu-Mazen names squares honoring suicide bombers, or sits for a thank you coffee with a released terrorist and continues giving money to the families of fallen combatants, it means that they support the continuation of a violent struggle against Israel and don't really want peace. Actions are stronger than words!!
3 by Marie
The tragedy is, each side believe they are the David and the Other side is Goliath.