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The White Paper of '39

by WikiPeace editor  21.01.2013 Also known as the "MacDonald White Paper", published after the Arab Revolt went on despite the attempts to suppress it, and the failure of the St. James conference. The White Paper recommended the setting up of an independent ie Arab state after 5 years. Meanwhile Jewish immigration and land purchase were restricted. Also, a quota of 75,000 immigrant certificates for five years was allotted to the Jews.   


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1 by meirav
so many attempts to thwart the establishment of the Jewish state, and here we are more than 60 years later, and we are thriving in a country that is booming in every aspect. the best revenge against all of our enemies.
2 by Wendy
You keep trying to squash the Jewish nation and we keep rising bigger and stronger! Israel. the Jewsih state, forever!!