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Palestinian acts of terror during the 70's

by WikiPeace editor  21.01.2013 There were some notable acts of terrorism perpetrated by Palestinian organizations and their supporters. The first was an armed  attack on the Israeli airport at Lod by 3 members of the Japanese Red Army recruited by the PLFP on May '72. Later in the summer of the same year the Munich Massacre of members of Israel's Olympic team took place, an event that shocked world opinion. Terrorists from the Black September organization took hostage 11 members from the Israeli Olympic team and a German policemen, and all were killed during an failed attempt to  extract the hostages. in '78 a Fatah terror cell of 11 Lebenese and Palestinians, of which the most propminent member was former nurse Dlal Mughrabi, kidnapped 2 Israeli buses with 71 hostages, an action that ended in a shootout on the Israeli costal road. 35-38 Israelis were killed and about 70 were wounded.       


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