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Mission A Guide to Perplexed

Terms And Conditions


Hereinafter the conditions of the binding legal agreement are set forth between you and the Arik Institute for Reconciliation Tolerance and Peace, in Memory of Arieh Zvi Frankenthal (hereinafter:” the Institute”). Upon your entering this internet website (hereinafter: “the Site”), whether browsing and/or using it, you are hereby confirming that you have read and understood these conditions and hereby agree to be obligated to act in accordance with them and to obey all of the relevant laws and regulations.

The Institute is entitled, without need for notice, to change at any time, these the conditions of use and any other information included on the Site, by the updating of this publication, and/or to make improvements or changes in services or the contents described on the site.


This Site and all of the content included therein- is not to be copied, duplicated, republished, uploaded, and sent by mail, broadcasted, distributed, or used in the creation of any derivative work, without the prior written consent of the Institute. Authorization given to you by the Institute is limited authorization that is not exclusive and is not transferable, to access and to present the pages of this internet website, on your computer only and for your personal and noncommercial use. This authorization is given on the condition that you do not change the content which is presented on this Site, on the condition that you preserve all copyrights, trademarks, and remaining property notices and on the condition that you accept every condition, stipulation or any notice, which accompany the content or are specified in any other way on this Site.

The Institute does not give you any rights or permits, specified or implied, over patents, trademarks, copyrights or any property rights and other intellectual property rights. You are not authorized to show any content from this Site on another internet website or any other media.

Certain Limitations

There is no promise or guarantee of any kind that the information on this internet website is correct, updated or complete. In addition, the Site may contain technical imprecisions or typographical errors. The Institute does not take any responsibility (and expressly rejects responsibility) for updating this Site in order to keep the information updated, or in order to guarantee the precision or entirety of any information published. Accordingly, it is your responsibility to confirm that all of the information published is precise and complete, before making any decision concerning services, products or any other matters described on this Site.

The Institute does not grant any promise that reported problems of any sort will be solved by it, even if the Institute chooses to supply information for the purpose of addressing a problem.



Confidential Information

The Institute is not interested in receiving from you confidential or property information via the Site. Pay attention that all the information or material, which will be sent to the Institute, will be considered non-confidential. By sending information or material to the Institute, you are granting the Institute unlimited and irrevocable authorization to copy, to duplicate, to publish, to upload, to send by mail, to broadcast, to distribute, to present publically, to implement, to change, to create derivative products, and to use this information or these materials freely in any other manner, .  In addition, you agree that the Institute is entitled to freely use any technique, idea, knowledge or concept that you send to us for any purposes whatsoever.

Intellectual Property

Copyrights and intellectual property on the Site and on the service belong to the Site or to third parties, which have granted the Site authorization for their use within the framework of the Site and the   service as mentioned. This includes, and without derogating from the generality of the aforementioned, the Site is the exclusive owner of names and trademarks of the Site and of the service,  of patents and of samples of the Site and of the service, whether registered or unregistered; of trade secrets involved in the operation of the Site; operation of the service, granting of services, design of services, of technological information involved in the operation of the Site and the service inclusive of but not limited to, programs, applications, graphic and other files, computer codes, texts and/or any material or any other information included on the Site or in the service (hereinafter- “the Information”).  It is forbidden to copy, distribute, duplicate, present publically or transfer the information and/or any part of it to a third party. It is forbidden to change, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial use whatsoever of the information and/or any part of it, without a written permit in advance from the Site. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the Site is not and will not be responsible for violation or breach of intellectual property rights of any kind, including trademarks and trade secrets committed by the user.

Business Contacts

This internet website may supply links or referrals to internet websites and to resources that do not belong to the Institute. The Institute does not make any representations   does not grant any responsibility and does not undertake in any way in relation to internet websites that do not belong to the Institute or in relation to any third party resources. A link to an internet website that does not belong to the Institute is not to be interpreted as support by the Institute of the content of such a site, use of it or its owners. In addition, the Institute is not a party to transactions of any sort that you may undertake with third parties, even if you learned of such parties (or the used the link to such parties) from the Institute site. In accordance, you confirm and agree that the Institute is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and does not bear responsibility or liability regarding any content, services, products or other materials found in these sites or resources or which are available through them.  At the time of accessing another internet website that does not belong to the Institute, even if the Institute’s logo may appear on the Site, pay attention that this Site is independent and separate from the Institute and the Institute does not have control over the displayed content on that internet website. It is your responsibility to take the security measures in order to protect yourself from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other programs that could be damaging and to protect your information as you see fit.


Certain texts on this internet website may be available in foreign languages. The texts may be translated by a person or by a computer program only, without intervention or human checking. These translations are provided for your convenience and the Institute neither represents nor is creates obligations in any way concerning the precision or wholeness of the translation, whether it has been produced by a computer or done by human beings.

Limitation of Responsibility

You are solely responsible for the use of this Site. All the material, information, products, programs and services are supplied "as they are (“as is”)" without responsibility or guarantee of any kind. The Institute explicitly rejects, to the extent to which the law permits, any responsibility, guarantee or representation, explicit or implicit , legal and otherwise, including and not derogating from the generality of that mentioned above, responsibility concerning the marketability, compliance with a  given goal and the non-violation of  property rights and intellectual property rights. Without any limitation whatsoever, the Institute neither undertakes nor does it guarantee that this internet website will operate properly, will be updated, secured or error-free.

You understand and agree that in case downloading or receiving materials, information, products, software, programs or services in a different manner, you do so at your exclusive discretion, and at your sole responsibility and you are solely responsible for any damage that may be caused, including loss of data or damage to your computer system.

Limitation of Liability

In any case the Institute will not be liable to any party whatsoever, on the basis of direct, indirect, coincidental, exceptional or consequential damage of any kind whatsoever, concerning this internet website or any use whatsoever of this internet website or any site or linked resource referred to or accessible via this internet website or on with regard to of use of materials, information, products, or services of any kind, downloading or accessing them, including, but not limited to but not derogating from the generality of that mentioned above, loss of profits, interference in the course of transactions, loss of savings or loss of programs or other data, even if the Institute was explicitly shown the possibility of the above mentioned damages. This limitation of liability applies to any legal claim  whatsoever,  whether based upon the law of contract, the law of torts or damages or based upon any other legal cause of action.